From the East

Thank you for taking the time to express your interest in Freemasonry and investigate the oldest and largest fraternal organization in the world.  Connetquot Lodge #838 Free & Accepted Masons is located at 85 North Main Street in Sayville.  As the current Worshipful Master (leader) of the Lodge, it is my duty to ensure its smooth and efficient operation and to welcome those who may be interested in joining our august Brotherhood.

The past year has been a difficult one as we have all been forced to comply with safeguards and restrictions that impacted both our daily lives and our ability to congregate socially.  Although the Brothers of Connetquot have continued to work individually on our Masonic improvement, most official Lodge activities were halted throughout the pandemic.  Now, as we begin to re-open our Lodges and resume Masonic activity, we hope that you will continue your investigation into our noble Craft.  We at Connetquot are excited to return to our regular Lodge & Fellowship meetings and restart our charitable endeavors.

Regular Lodge meetings, or “Stated Communications”, begin at 8:00 p.m. and are held on the 2nd & 4th Mondays of each month.  These meetings are open to all Masons.  Our Fellowship Club meets on the 1st & 3rd Mondays of each month for casual social activities.  These meetings begin at 7:30 p.m. and are open to anyone who would like to stop down, meet the Brethren, and learn about Masonry and the process for joining.  We encourage you to drop by and meet everyone!

Please remember that current protocols require face coverings and practicing social distancing while inside the Lodge.

Message From The East

Message from the East

Hello My Brothers,

Hopefully this email finds everyone is good spirits and great health. Our masonic year is nearly half over and already we have achieved quite a bit. Next month we will be performing our 2nd degree of the year, the degree of Master Mason. We will be raising (2) worthy brothers into our lodge and fraternal fabric. To say we have been blessed with a dynamic group is an understatement. Our lodge is diverse and together we continue the traditions which have been in place for over 100 years now. I would like to especially take this moment to thank our Fellowship Club for the activities that they continue to host which keeps our lodge a fun place to be for all of our families… If you come to our lodge on a Monday night you will be met with Brothers from Connetquot and welcomed into our quarries… we encourage everyone to come out and see what is happening. This is a great time to be a Mason, come down to the lodge and enjoy the brotherhood and fellowship. Attached is our current trestle board. I hope to see everyone soon.

W∴ Mario G. Pironti
Connetquot Lodge, No. 838 F&AM

Message from the East

AIM OF DESIGN: growth through introspection and retrospection from esoteric and exoteric ideas and principles veiled by Masonic symbolism.

As the summer comes to an end, we brother Masons return to a place representing that beautiful temple with its winding stairs and magnificent Chambers and resume our labors as such. We will promote Freemasonry in a proactive manner and do good for others which makes ourselves better. We always hear the expression which claims that “Freemasonry makes good men better”. I would tend to say that instead, “Freemasonry gives good men the tools to become better”. This year we will have discussions to have the individual brother reflect on masonry and himself while enjoying the valued opinions of others. There are so many ways to educate in Freemasonry that it will be hard to pull back every veil in detail.

Let us ponder this question: how good is it to have access to the best tools of the world, if we do not know how to use them in an applied way to show ourselves, that the wages we receive from our beloved craft are plentiful? We must actively use MENTORING as an important key to having successfully raised brother’s flourish and become leaders in the lodge (as well as in society) and Pay It Forward, not only for the growth of the future of the craft but for himself. He will be the light that leads the way, he will be the pillar of strength for the Prospect and newly-made Masons and he will guard the gate ensuring that to the best of his abilities, will be able to carve and make his true mark on the beautiful life he is creating by the outline of the master designer.

I strive to bring our fraternity, district and lodge closer by using our mutual recognition with the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge 4th District to build a stronger Masonic network and promote brotherly love, education and most of all FELLOWSHIP. I believe there are things to learn from each other as well as concordant bodies of our beloved craft. I urge brothers to come down to the lodge to visit and meet the new brothers and prospective men that will soon petition. Traveling my brothers is also an important right and true privilege we as Masons need to do more within and out of our lands. it helps us use our customs and courtesies and as to establish friendships and form relationships in and outside the lodge.

With zeal and love for the craft,

W Anthony Walsh

Message from the East


                I hope this Trestle Board finds you well. Our Masonic year is rapidly coming to a close, and I wanted to take the time to thank each of you for your support and assistance over these past few months.

                Although we have been busy this year, and successful in many of our endeavors, there is still much to do and I hope that we can continue to work together to achieve our many goals in Masonry and for Connetquot. As a Lodge, we have continued our community efforts through increased volunteerism at the Northport VA, ongoing collections of food donations for the Sayville Food Pantry & Holiday Thanksgiving Baskets, as well as providing a temporary meeting space for the displaced Sayville Village Improvement Society. I cannot sufficiently express my pride in – and gratitude toward – those Brothers who have given so much of themselves to make these efforts succeed.


                I would also like to announce that Connetquot Lodge’s 2,000th Stated Communication will occur on March 26th. In recognition of this auspicious event, the Lodge will open early at 7:00 PM to hold its regular business meeting. As soon as regular Lodge business is concluded, the Lodge will be closed for a Special Program and Public Ceremony at 8:00 PM.

                I am even more proud to announce that our very own Past Master, W∴ Jon Agnes, has been acknowledged for his commitment to Connetquot Lodge # 838 by the Grand Lodge of the State of New York with the Dedicated Service Aware (DSA), the highest honor a Lodge may bestow upon a Brother. As part of the evening’s program, W Agnes will be formally presented with this honor. In addition, Mrs. Walter Sutorius, the widow of our Past Master, and W Agnes’ mother-in-law, will be officially presented with W Sutorius’ “55 Year” anniversary pin.

                The evening will also include a Special Program with an interesting accounting of many of the Lodge’s past Brethren and their role in the history of Sayville and the surrounding community. The program will conclude with coffee and cake downstairs. I urge you all to attend this one-time event!!

**Family & Friends Welcome**

Wishing you All a Healthy & Happy New Year!

Cordially & Fraternally,

W Terry Maccarrone

Message from the East


With the Holidays behind us, I am looking forward to the New Year, and appreciating what we have to be thankful for over the past four months. When I began in my new position as Worshipful Master, I had no idea of what to truly expect. With some trepidation, I stood before you and began my journey, but I was elated to see that what I had hoped to only touch on, was met with a very positive surge of support. My one hope was to bring a sense of unity to the Lodge, and with total cooperation from the entire body, I have been pleased to see the brothers come together in so many ways.

We have welcomed new Master Masons into our fold, and are looking forward to a new group beginning their Masonic Apprenticeship. I hope to have their third degree completed before we break for the summer, but time will be tight. However, Connetquot Lodge has always been able to make things happen, and I’m sure that we will rise to the occasion once more.

I was also very happy to see the Lodge filled during the District Deputy’s visit. We had so many visitors from other lodges within the District; many of them Worshipful Masters of who I had the pleasure to attend their installations. On that note, I would like to encourage everyone to visit other lodges within the District, or even to other Districts. Every lodge enjoys having other Lodge members attend their meetings, and by showing our support for them, it fosters brotherly love, friendship, and perpetuates Masonic understanding and unity.

Our Fellowship Club had elections recently and I congratulate the new officers. Bro∴ John Donato has taken over as President, with Bro∴ Alex Winters as Vice President. The new Secretary is Bro∴ Avi Dicken, and the Treasury is still in the very capable hands of Bro∴ Paul Rosskamp. Bro∴ Terry Maccarrone has been very instrumental in getting new activities started, and with meetings only once a month, the membership has had more time to just enjoy hanging out, and having a good time.

So as we move forward, I want to say that with your support, and encouragement, I will continue to move our lodge in a positive direction. I would ask each of you to reach out to a Brother you may know who has not been at Lodge recently and try to help rekindle the flame within him.

I have seen us take the tiller of our ship and turn it to the wind, allowing us to take a heading towards a bright future. While there may be some rough seas ahead, I know that by staying our course we will arrive at the port of success.

May the blessings of Heaven be with us all.

Attested to, R∴W∴ Richard L. Frenz – Secretary
Fraternally, W∴ Raymond Kopeck – Master

Raymond Kopec – 2017