Potunk Lodge soon to celebrate its 100th Anniversary

Contemporary image of Mechanics Hall in Westhampton Beach, NY

Long before this Mason was even a thought, a group of Brothers and members of Riverhead Lodge #645, who traveled the dimly lit and rutted roads between the south shore of Long Island to Riverhead to attend meetings, got together and decided to form a new Lodge closer to home. Bro. Hermon Bishop and others gathered and formed a Square Club with the intention of forming a new Lodge south of Riverhead Lodge. In 1923 these Brothers were granted a dispensation to form a new lodge in Westhampton. The new lodge took up residence in the Mechanics Hall in Westhampton and worked at getting a new charter.

In early 1926 they received the good news that they would receive a charter that year. The brothers called the new Lodge Potunk Lodge and would be numbered 1071. Over the years the Lodge prospered and grew and soon they outgrew the Mechanics Hall, as well it has some structural issue and parking for members attending Lodge was limited. So, they endeavored to build or purchase their own building. In the late 1960s they realized their dream and land was acquired and permits granted so building could begin.

The new structure w took about 8 months to build and was nearly complete by the end of 1968, The Grand Master and many Masons from NYC and surrounding Lodge came out to Westhampton to lay the cornerstone and dedicate the building as a Masonic edifice. The first meeting was held in the new building in the winter of 1969, W:. Arthur Rumph presiding.

The Lodge saw many good days as well as trying times. All the while a succession of dedicated Masons took up the mantel and did whatever needed to be done to keep the doors open and the lights on.

Today the Lodge is in better shape than ever, and the current members are proud of the history and look forward to the future of the Lodge. In 2026 Potunk Lodge will turn 100 years old, it’s charter date May 6th, 1926. We look forward to celebrating 100 years of Freemasonry in Westhampton, Good Ground (Hampton Bays), Eastport, East & Center Moriches. This milestone is once in a lifetime for most Freemasons, and it will be a sight to see.

Dedication and Cornerstone Ceremony at Potunk Lodge 1969

Look for upcoming events and news about Potunk Lodge’s 100th over the coming months. All culminating with a grand celebration in the spring of 2026!

If you would like to know more about the history of Potunk Lodge No. 1071 you can go to the About Us page.

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Finally, if you would like more history of Freemasonry in New York, there is always the Grand Lodge of New York, which governs all regular Masonic Lodge’s in the state of New York.

We look forward to celebrating 100 years of Freemasonry with our Brothers and the surrounding communities.


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