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On Tuesday, October 3rd, W Robert Florio and the Brothers of Old Town Lodge #908 attended the School of Instruction hosted by Riverhead Lodge #645. While in attendance, the Brethren were able to abscond with the Suffolk Masonic District’s Traveling Gavel! Congratulations to Old Town on the successful steal! Who will get it next? Stay tuned….


While visiting family in Salt Lake City, W Terry Maccarrone of Connetquot Lodge #838 in Sayville toured the Grand Lodge of Utah and attended a meeting of Argenta Lodge #3. The Grand Lodge building boasts four ‘themed’ Lodge rooms, as well as a Theater for Shrine & Scottish Rite, a dedicated meeting room for Royal Arch, and a large catering room for special events and dinners, as well as office and museum space.

Lodges are getting serious about securing the District Traveling Gavel

As of late we have seen a great Brotherhood and competitive spirit among Brothers of the Suffolk District with the District Traveling Gavel. There has been Bragging rights and quite a bit of smack talk as well. All in good fun and of course good taste (mostly).

Lately, as April approaches, some Lodges once they have snagged the gavel for their Lodge, are going to greater and greater lengths to secure it and assure that none attempt to acquire it for another Lodge. Case in point, Suffolk Lodge No. 60, recently went to Amityville Lodge No. 977, where Start of the East Lodge No. 843’s, W:. Joe Lombardo, recently appeared with the Traveling Gavel.

Amityville Lodge was conferring the 1st degree on a candidate and the Brothers of the District came out in force to help, aid and assist the Lodge in the best way possible. Filling the Lodge with Brotherly Love and Fellowship. However, once the Traveling Gavel was spied, all that went out the window and in the end Suffolk 60 emerged with the Traveling Gavel. And there was much rejoicing.

The Brothers of Suffolk 60, naturally proud of their acquisition and not wanting the gavel to be absconded with, have secured the Traveling Gavel in a most interesting, and possibly dangerous way. You be the judge!


I am not sure about any other Brothers, but I am pretty sure I won’t be reaching for that Traveling Gavel in its current location. I suspect for another Lodge to acquire it, it will take thought and cunning and a very large steak by the looks of it.

Suffolk District Traveling Gavel floating around the East End

The Suffolk District Traveling Gavel is making its rounds on the east end of the island as of late. The only question is will it need a customs declaration and accompanying paperwork to cross the border back into the mainland.

As of this writing the Traveling Gavel is now back at Star of the East Lodge. Riverhead Lodge sent a good sized contingent but, in the end, Star of the East won out.

The next available date to travel to Star of the East and snag the gavel will be Thursday, February 10th, 2022.

Safe travels my brothers and don’t forget your passports if you plan on claiming the gavel for your Lodge.

As a reminder the location, leaderboard and simplified rules are all right here -> Suffolk District Traveling Gavel

Star of the East comes out in force

Last night at Riverhead Lodge’s DDGM visit, 11 brothers from Start of the East Lodge in Amagansett came out and decisively took the Suffolk District Traveling Gavel.

By all reports the evening was well attended and all had a great time.

It’s always great to see the brothers out and about the district and supporting other brothers at their respective Lodges.

The following day, W:. Lombardo took the gavel on a tour of the east end and jumped right into the “talking smack”
that typically follows a successful Gavel capture.

Now inquiring minds are wondering when it’s time for another lodge to come and take the gavel from Start of the East, will they require any customs forms to be able to take it across the border???

Where in the District is the Traveling gavel?

It seems the Traveling Gavel is bouncing around the East end of the District these days. As of last night, Nov 18th, 2021 the Suffolk District Traveling Gavel was resting comfortably in it’s home at Potunk Lodge #1071 in Westhampton, when 7 ruffians from Riverhead Lodge #645 appeared, ate some collation meal and then proceeded to abscond with the Traveling Gavel.

The Riverhead Ruffians photographed at the scene of the crime, caught red handed!

W:. Terry Maccarrone, the Master of Riverhead Lodge #645, who is well known for “talking smack”, then proceeded to issue a challenge.

So, I’ve been REQUESTED to throw down the Challenge to those “Nassau Lodges” in western Suffolk to come out and get the Gavel…. We, in the land of the Sunrise, hear A LOT of “talk”, but don’t see much “theft”. Do these western Lodges exist?? Or, are they merely rumors and tales to tell DeMolay & Rainbow at bedtime…? Maybe Jephtha, the ‘Loch Ness of Huntington’ can venture out..? Or, maybe Smithtown can prove that Whisper the Bull is really a mascot and not something they are full of…. 😲

The Brothers of Peconic Lodge don’t really think you guys exist…

1st & 3rd Tuesdays

W:. Terry Maccarrone, Master, Riverhead Lodge No. 645

Well the gauntlet has been thrown and anyone willing to pick it up can do so at Riverhead Lodge’s next Stated Communication, which will be Tuesday, December 7th, 2021. Which coincidently happens to the the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, a date that will live in infamy.

Once again you can check on the Gavel’s location and the rules and the leaderboard, as well as some history about it on the District Traveling Gavel Page.

Back Home for the Suffolk District Traveling Gavel Nov 2nd 2021

This is better than watching Wimbledon..

At last night’s stated Communication of Riverhead Lodge #645 , where Riverhead, Peconic and Potunk were busy passing 4 EAs to the Fellowcraft degree, brothers from as far as San Antonio, TX and some others more local were in attendance.
The Master of Riverhead Lodge, W:. Terry Maccarrone and all the brothers who participated in the degree did and awesome job.
A hearty congratulations to our newest Fellowcrafts in Riverhead, Peconic and Potunk.




Also in attendance was the freshly minted DDGM, R:.W:. Jeff Santorello and R:.W:. Charles Catapano, past DGM, recognized and given Grand Honors by the Lodge.

Of course most of the Brothers were not only were there to support Riverhead, Peconic and Potunk Lodges with their 2nd degree, but also to try and claim the Suffolk District Traveling Gavel.
As one of the last orders of business, W:. Maccarrone took a head count and although other Lodges came out and gave it a best shot, Potunk Lodge #1071 came out with 7 (8 but one had to leave early) Brothers to claim the #SuffolkDistrictTravelingGavel once again.
For other Lodges the next time the gavel will be up for grabs is Thursday, Nov. 4th 2021 at Potunk Lodge.
Again you can see the stats and location of the Suffolk District Traveling Gavel on the Suffolk District Website –

Travel well my Brothers!