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Applause for out outgoing GLSO Matthew Dinizio


We’d be remiss if we did not acknowledge The R:.W:. Matt Dinizio, GLSO for the Suffolk Masonic District for his leadership and innovation in Masonic Educations for the District.

He was very forward thinking and his classes, like the Masters Chair, Road to the East and Masonic Development course were well attended and very well received.

Making the courses more digital so that the members could reference the material from a computer instead of carrying around a large 3 ring binder, was a long to coming and R:.W:. Dinizio got the District there in no time flat.


For all his accomplishments he is also deserving of a great deal of thanks and applause for his work in the district.

P.S. you can’t image how hard it is to get a good picture of this Brother. He is either hidden in the back or not in pictures he should be in…

A big thank you to the immediate Past DDGM R:.W:. Kevin G. McCauley

Brothers it’s been an interesting and troubling last 2 years to say the least. Accepting the position of DDGM is no light decision and I am certain that had R:.W:. Kevin McCauley known what was to come during his tenure, he would have still taken the position without hesitation.

As we all know the District and Grand Lodge asked all current Grand Lodge and District Officers to remain at their posts until a Grand Lodge session could be convened safely to allow the election, appointment and investiture of all the officers be completed safely and properly.

All the Officers of the Suffolk Masonic District said yes to stay without any hesitation. R:.W:. McCauley lead the Suffolk District through unprecedented times, at least in our lifetimes. I am also equally sure he will be both glad and sad when he is finally succeeded by (at the time of this post release) R:.W:. Jeff Santorello, the incoming DDGM for the Suffolk Masonic District.

I would think we as a District owe R:.W:. McCauley a big round of applause and our deepest appreciation for his leadership and perseverance throughout the last 3 years. So please join in sending R:.W:. Kevin McCauley our thanks and appreciation on a job well done and for his fortitude during these times.

We all wish R:.W:. McCauley the best in all future endeavors and in life. Please leave your congrats and well wishes in the comments below.