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We Mourn the loss of the First Lady of NY Freemasonry Joanne Kessler

Brethren and Friends,

It is with a deeply troubled heart that we learned today that our First Lady of New York Masonry, Mrs. Joanne Kessler, has been called to the Celestial Home above. She passed from this life at 1:42 PM on Monday, December 27th.

Almighty God, Heavenly Father, grant Your consoling grace to all who mourn the passing of loved ones. Hear our prayers for those we love dearly who have gone before us into the life to come. Look kindly upon our departed family members, brothers and sisters, and especially Joanne Kessler whom we now entrust to Your eternal mercy and goodness. Welcome our beloved into Heaven where tears are no more and suffering and pain are ended, where there is great joy, abundant life and peaceful rest in Your gracious presence. Amen.

The funeral arrangements for Lady Joanne Kessler are as follows:
Calling Hours on:
Sunday, January 2, 2022 between 4:00 pm — 8:00 pm
The Lester H. Wedekindt Funeral Home
3290 Delaware Ave.
Kenmore, NY 14217

Meet at 9:15 AM on Monday, January 3, 2022 for the Funeral Service.
The Funeral Service will be held on Monday, January 3rd
in the Chapel of Saint John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church,
1085 Englewood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14223

The Internment will follow the Church service at Mt. Olivet Cemetery
4000 Elmwood Avenue, Kenmore, NY 14217

Grand Master Richard J. Kessler thanks each of you for all the love and kindness
you have given and extended to him and his family.

Cards and expressions of sympathy may be sent to our Grand Master, Most Worshipful Richard J. Kessler, and the Kessler Family at 62 Woodcrest Blvd., Buffalo, NY 14223-1317.

The Suffolk masonic district elects new advisor

This past week the Suffolk Masonic District has elected a new Suffolk District Advisor, R:..W:. William McCauley.

R:.W:. Wm. McCauley

It is a distinct honor to have been elected as District Advisor for the Suffolk Masonic District. It will be a pleasure to continue my fraternal service for the benefit of each of you in the District. This District is held in High Regard by Grand Lodge because of the Masonic work that is accomplished here. My role, simply put is to advise and assist the District Deputy his Team and any Brother in this District should their need require it. You can always reach out to me regarding any questions involving the Fraternity. I look forward to seeing all of you as I travel around the District with the District Deputy and his Team.

R:.W:. William E. McCauley

R:.W:. McCauley’s Masonic Resume

Master Mason in Dongan Patent Lodge No. 1134, May 1988

Past Master 1994, 2005 and 2015, Secretary 1998 to 2000, Trustee

Long Island Past Master’s Association, Past President

Suffolk Masonic District Finance Chairman

Suffolk District Membership Retention, Past Chairman

Suffolk District Masonic Education Committee

Past District Advisor for Suffolk District

Suffolk District Long Range Planning Committee, Past Chairman

Suffolk District Membership Development Committee, Past Chairman

Past District Deputy Grand Master, Suffolk, 2000 – 2002

Interim District Deputy Grand Master and District 2004

Interim District Advisor 2004

Grand Lodge – Deputy Grand Master’s Advisory Committee 2021

Grand Lodge – Individual Development Course, Site Coordinator and Instructor

Grand Lodge – Past Member of Long Range Planning for Deputy Grand Master, 2004

Grand Lodge – Lodges and Buildings Past Committee Member

Grand Lodge – Finance Committee, Member

Grand Lodge – Committee on Law Enforcement Member

Grand Lodge – Charters Committee Member

Long Island Scottish Rite Bodies, Member

Suwassett Chapter No. 195, Royal Arch Masons, Past High Priest, Past Trustee

Fourth Capitular District Royal Arch Masons, Past President

Patchogue Commandery No. 95, Knights Templar, Past Commander, Trustee

Suffolk Council No. 76, Cryptic Masons, Past Illustrious Master, Past Trustee, Treasurer

Kismet Shrine Temple, A.A.O.N.M.S., member

Medford Square Club, Past President

Deputy Grand Master’s Advisory Committee – Current Member

Several other Masonic Bodies……

Order of the Eastern Star

Old Glory Chapter No. 622, Order of the Eastern Star, Past Worthy Patron

Pyramid Chapter No. 594, Order of the Eastern Star, Worthy Patron

Metlakhatla Chapter No. 439, member

Riverside Sunrise Chapter No. 399, Patron

Order of the Eastern Star, Suffolk District, Past District Grand Lecturer, Past Grand Marshal

The Friendly Folk of Suffolk Association – Past President and current Treasurer

Introducing Suffolk Masonic Events & Tickets Powered by lipma

The internet is a wonderful thing sometimes. Growing up in the 70s through 90s if we needed information we went to the library or looked it up in your home encyclopedia, etc. Nowadays we hold the sum of human knowledge in the palm of our hands.

I remember getting tickets to see Van Halen 1984 at Madison Square Garden and I still remember getting the paper ticket in my hands. Luckily my cousin was an executive assistant to one of the owners of the Garden at that time, so the tickets were relatively easy to get. Convincing my parents I was old enough to join my cousins and older brother at the concert, not so much.

Over the past year or so the executive board has been discussing how to give back to the district and not just host a once a year summer soirée. (Hint we may make the Holiday Gala a yearly event as well).

As the plans for the Holiday Gala were being finalized we decided that the tickets would be sold online and we’d give the ability to pay for them with Credit/Debit Card, Venmo or PayPal. The point was we wanted the members of the LIPMA who run the event to actually be able to enjoy themselves at the event and not spend half the event collecting tickets, checking in guests and counting money or checks. So we opted for a 100% prepaid ticket model. So far it’s exceeded expectations.

With the results of that effort working exceptionally well for the event and LIPMA, we saw and opportunity to offer this same tech and convenience to the Lodges, members and appendant bodies in an around the Suffolk Masonic District.

So we expanded the use of the Events calendar and tickets you saw in action with the LIPMA Holiday Gala to the website and set it so any registered member can add events and create tickets for their event, whether is be a Lodge fundraiser or a District wide event.

So what do you need to do this? Simple you must register with the website and be approved. Once you create a login on the website you will be able to create events with all the details you will need, who, what, where and when. To create a paid ticket you or your Lodge or organization will need a PayPal registered email address. If you have a PayPal email you would know. The Community events & Tickets will employ some interesting technology. It will include split payments and PayPal payouts. This is why you will need a PayPal related email to collect fund via PayPal, Venmo or Credit/Debit Card. So if you have an PayPal account already your all set. If not it’s a 2 minute setup with PayPal. No merchant (Credit Card Processor) account needed. LIPMA will complete the payments on the ‘day of’ your event, all the funds collected, minus the ticket fee, are then paid to the supplied PayPal email/account. Sorry at this point only PayPal is support by the software.

So what are a few of the pros and cons to this method of selling tickets with Suffolk Masonic Events & Tickets?


  • Get Paid in advance for events
  • Get better RSVPs/headcounts
  • no need to distribute paper tickets
  • generate online reports for sales and attendees
  • leverage social media and other avenues to promote and sell tickets
  • Check in guests with a smartphone (iPhone/Android) with a app.


  • Slight added cost to tickets and your event
  • There may be more but I can’t find any.

As you can see there is a definite benefit to selling your event tickets online. So what’s the downside? Well the software that runs the system is not ‘inexpensive’. So we have implemented a ticket fee which we believe was fair to all. So when you create tickets, the fee is subtracted from the total. It will most likely be $1.00 per ticket. Plus the merchant (credit Debit Card) processing fee, which is currently 3.7% + 0.49 per transaction. This must be taken into account when creating tickets for your event. So if you expect to collect $25/per person for your event, you would need to create tickets for about $28.00 to recoup ~$25.00 after fees are collected.

A Zoom or in person instruction will be announced to walk anyone interested in learning how to navigate and add events & tickets and get paid for the tickets. We sincerely hope that the members of the District will use and take advantage of the system and actually enjoy the events that they plan. Or those who have the online knowledge, jump right it and start creating events and tickets.

On the day of your event one or a few members with smartphones scan QR codes at the door to check in your guests and verify attendance and generate reports.

Payouts: Well due to several factors, one being refunds or reversals, LIPMA will hold all funds collected until the day of the event. On the day of the event the orders will be ‘Completed” and the funds processed. within 24 hours PayPal will send payouts to the supplied PayPal email for the event organizer (the person who and set the tickets and supplied the PayPal Email) minus the $1.00/ ticket fee and merchant fees. Since we are adding these fees at checkout the consumer is paying these fees as part of the ticket price. So the event organizer will get their price per ticket and LIPMA generates the funds to make the system self sustaining. Everybody wins.

A detailed step-by-step guide will be posted in the File Manager which is also added to the under “Your Account” which cannot be accessed until after you register and login.

One of the most useful added features of Suffolk Masons Event Tickets is the ability to check-in attendees to your events via QR code. These scannable codes are generated automatically for all ticket purchases or reservations, and each code references a unique URL that can be used to quickly check-in guests without needing to manually access your attendees list.

Event Tickets Plus App

Our Event Tickets Plus App is the easiest and fastest way to check-in your attendees directly from your Android or iOS device without the need to log in to your site. Simply install and connect to your site using an API key and start scanning your tickets.

Download the app from:

Once you have registered, created an event, created a ticket with a PayPal associated email and the event is approved, your off to the races. Each person that purchases a ticket or RSVP’s to your event, you will receive and email notification (the organizer)). You can go onto the system anytime and check attendees and sales, export, print or email your reports.

The day of your event, there is nothing for your to do really but enjoy. The orders will be processed to complete and the batch payout will run and send the payment to the supplied email. Its that simple.

Where in the District is the Traveling gavel?

It seems the Traveling Gavel is bouncing around the East end of the District these days. As of last night, Nov 18th, 2021 the Suffolk District Traveling Gavel was resting comfortably in it’s home at Potunk Lodge #1071 in Westhampton, when 7 ruffians from Riverhead Lodge #645 appeared, ate some collation meal and then proceeded to abscond with the Traveling Gavel.

The Riverhead Ruffians photographed at the scene of the crime, caught red handed!

W:. Terry Maccarrone, the Master of Riverhead Lodge #645, who is well known for “talking smack”, then proceeded to issue a challenge.

So, I’ve been REQUESTED to throw down the Challenge to those “Nassau Lodges” in western Suffolk to come out and get the Gavel…. We, in the land of the Sunrise, hear A LOT of “talk”, but don’t see much “theft”. Do these western Lodges exist?? Or, are they merely rumors and tales to tell DeMolay & Rainbow at bedtime…? Maybe Jephtha, the ‘Loch Ness of Huntington’ can venture out..? Or, maybe Smithtown can prove that Whisper the Bull is really a mascot and not something they are full of…. 😲

The Brothers of Peconic Lodge don’t really think you guys exist…

1st & 3rd Tuesdays

W:. Terry Maccarrone, Master, Riverhead Lodge No. 645

Well the gauntlet has been thrown and anyone willing to pick it up can do so at Riverhead Lodge’s next Stated Communication, which will be Tuesday, December 7th, 2021. Which coincidently happens to the the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, a date that will live in infamy.

Once again you can check on the Gavel’s location and the rules and the leaderboard, as well as some history about it on the District Traveling Gavel Page.

A New Director General of Masonic War Veterans of NY Elected

Congratulations are in order. W:. Vincent Scandole of Riverhead Lodge #645, elected Director General of the Masonic War Veterans of the State of NY.

During the weekend of Nov 12-14 the Masonic War Veterans of NY held their Grand Post Communication and W:. Scandole found himself on the Canadian border in NY and somehow got himself elected as one of the State Directors General of the Masonic War Veterans of the State of New York.

It’s always a good day when a Brother of the Suffolk Masonic District is elected to State office. We wish him all the luck and support he needs in this new endeavor. Congratulations again W:. Scandole!

From the Commander of Suffolk Post 23, MWV

It seems that with the COVID situation some basic elements of “what do I need to do for….” scenarios has gotten lost in the shuffle. I have been asked by more then one WBro. what they need to do to request the Suffolk Post 23 to come to a ‘event’, like a DDGM visit and present he colors?

There is a very simple answer to this. ASK.

All a Lodge Secretary or Master need do is make a request. Typically the request should be sent to the Commander (=Master) or the Post Adjutant (=Secretary).

There are several ways to do this. You can go to the Post website -> Post 23 Website or send and email to the Commander or Adjutant. The name and email or phone can be located on the Post website above or look at the DDGM tresleboard with the name and contact info of a lot of Brothers in the Suffolk District, the Suffolk Post 23 Commander would be among these as well.

Finally a phone call or even a text would be acceptable. In years past, and I am traditionalist to some degree, it would only be acceptable to write a letter to the Post Commander. I personally, will accept a letter, and email, a phone call, smoke signals, etc. All I ask is that you request the Post.

In most instances like DDGM visits, the Post schedules to be at all DDGM visits as it’s a courtesy to the DDGM more then the Lodge and we know know how much a WM has to accomplish leading up to an event like this. So rather than add to the burden we will just assume you will make the request. But it is nice to be asked.

Should you need to make such a request, please see my profile in 10 different places, here on, BAND, just to name a few.

P.S. for all veterans who are Master Masons, please check out the website above and consider joining the Post here in Suffolk. Dues are very low and we are one of the most active Posts in the Jurisdiction.

As a plug to recruitment – fill out a petition here – > Join Suffolk Post 23 Click the “Join Now” button!


V:.W:. Bill Arnold


Suffolk Post 23, MWV

Back Home for the Suffolk District Traveling Gavel Nov 2nd 2021

This is better than watching Wimbledon..

At last night’s stated Communication of Riverhead Lodge #645 , where Riverhead, Peconic and Potunk were busy passing 4 EAs to the Fellowcraft degree, brothers from as far as San Antonio, TX and some others more local were in attendance.
The Master of Riverhead Lodge, W:. Terry Maccarrone and all the brothers who participated in the degree did and awesome job.
A hearty congratulations to our newest Fellowcrafts in Riverhead, Peconic and Potunk.




Also in attendance was the freshly minted DDGM, R:.W:. Jeff Santorello and R:.W:. Charles Catapano, past DGM, recognized and given Grand Honors by the Lodge.

Of course most of the Brothers were not only were there to support Riverhead, Peconic and Potunk Lodges with their 2nd degree, but also to try and claim the Suffolk District Traveling Gavel.
As one of the last orders of business, W:. Maccarrone took a head count and although other Lodges came out and gave it a best shot, Potunk Lodge #1071 came out with 7 (8 but one had to leave early) Brothers to claim the #SuffolkDistrictTravelingGavel once again.
For other Lodges the next time the gavel will be up for grabs is Thursday, Nov. 4th 2021 at Potunk Lodge.
Again you can see the stats and location of the Suffolk District Traveling Gavel on the Suffolk District Website –

Travel well my Brothers!

Applause for out outgoing GLSO Matthew Dinizio


We’d be remiss if we did not acknowledge The R:.W:. Matt Dinizio, GLSO for the Suffolk Masonic District for his leadership and innovation in Masonic Educations for the District.

He was very forward thinking and his classes, like the Masters Chair, Road to the East and Masonic Development course were well attended and very well received.

Making the courses more digital so that the members could reference the material from a computer instead of carrying around a large 3 ring binder, was a long to coming and R:.W:. Dinizio got the District there in no time flat.


For all his accomplishments he is also deserving of a great deal of thanks and applause for his work in the district.

P.S. you can’t image how hard it is to get a good picture of this Brother. He is either hidden in the back or not in pictures he should be in…

The Suffolk District Team 2021-2023

As all things go the last 20 or so months past, times were different. Grand Lodge elections and installations took place this past weekend in Utica, Masonic Care Campus.

The M:.W:. Richard J. Kessler was installed as the Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York and

R:.W:. Steven A. Rubin elected and installed as the Deputy Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York.

First it’s with much appreciation and pride that we say thank you to M:.W:. William Sardone, Past Grand Master of Masons. All other Grand Lodge officers, elected and appointed who stayed at their post through most difficult times.


The Suffolk Masonic District Team for the ensuing 2 years.

R:.W:. Jeffery G. Santorello, District Deputy Grand Master of the Suffolk District, representing the M:.W:. Richard J. Kessler, Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York.


The R:.W:. Robert J. Licata, Grand Sward Bearer, of the State of New York, Grand Lodge Staff officer for the Suffolk Masonic District.

V:.W:. William De Benedetto, Assistant Grand Lecturer, Suffolk Masonic District

V:.W:. Bruce A. T. Siska, Assistant Grand Lecturer, Suffolk Masonic District

V:.W:. Gilbert C. Kruse, Assistant Grand Lecturer, Suffolk Masonic District

The next two years have a very bright outlook indeed. All of the above officers are “worthy and well qualified” and above all have a deep love of the Craft and their Brothers.

Please wish them all the best in their coming endeavors and give them all the support that the Suffolk District always has.

A big thank you to the immediate Past DDGM R:.W:. Kevin G. McCauley

Brothers it’s been an interesting and troubling last 2 years to say the least. Accepting the position of DDGM is no light decision and I am certain that had R:.W:. Kevin McCauley known what was to come during his tenure, he would have still taken the position without hesitation.

As we all know the District and Grand Lodge asked all current Grand Lodge and District Officers to remain at their posts until a Grand Lodge session could be convened safely to allow the election, appointment and investiture of all the officers be completed safely and properly.

All the Officers of the Suffolk Masonic District said yes to stay without any hesitation. R:.W:. McCauley lead the Suffolk District through unprecedented times, at least in our lifetimes. I am also equally sure he will be both glad and sad when he is finally succeeded by (at the time of this post release) R:.W:. Jeff Santorello, the incoming DDGM for the Suffolk Masonic District.

I would think we as a District owe R:.W:. McCauley a big round of applause and our deepest appreciation for his leadership and perseverance throughout the last 3 years. So please join in sending R:.W:. Kevin McCauley our thanks and appreciation on a job well done and for his fortitude during these times.

We all wish R:.W:. McCauley the best in all future endeavors and in life. Please leave your congrats and well wishes in the comments below.