Message from the East

Hello My Brothers,

Hopefully this email finds everyone is good spirits and great health. Our masonic year is nearly half over and already we have achieved quite a bit. Next month we will be performing our 2nd degree of the year, the degree of Master Mason. We will be raising (2) worthy brothers into our lodge and fraternal fabric. To say we have been blessed with a dynamic group is an understatement. Our lodge is diverse and together we continue the traditions which have been in place for over 100 years now. I would like to especially take this moment to thank our Fellowship Club for the activities that they continue to host which keeps our lodge a fun place to be for all of our families… If you come to our lodge on a Monday night you will be met with Brothers from Connetquot and welcomed into our quarries… we encourage everyone to come out and see what is happening. This is a great time to be a Mason, come down to the lodge and enjoy the brotherhood and fellowship. Attached is our current trestle board. I hope to see everyone soon.

W∴ Mario G. Pironti
Connetquot Lodge, No. 838 F&AM