Grand Lecturer’s Convention in Suffolk Masonic District

The R:.W:. Richard Friedman, the Grand Lecturer of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York, visited the Suffolk Masonic District this past Saturday, March 26th, 2022.

The Convention was held at Riverhead Lodge and hosted by Peconic Lodge No. 349.

The convention kicked off at 2 PM led by our DDGM, R:.W:. Jeff Santorello. The Grand Lecturer made some opening comments and we launched directly into the first part of the 1st degree.

The Convention was very well attended and it seemed that the Brothers in attendance learned quite a bit from the Grand Lecturer’s instruction during the exemplification of the 1st degree.

All participants in the exemplification did a fantastic job. Prior to the close of the GL Convention, the Grand Lecturer distributed some overdue Potts Awards for 2 lodges from past GL Conventions. Afterward, attendance was taken and Riverhead Lodge won the attendance award with 14 members in attendance.

The Convention closed and the Grand Lecturer and the DDGM thanked all for their attendance and filling the Lodge room with Brothers eager to learn and/or improve their ritual.

Following the GL Convention the District MAGLA competition was held. This year 3 Brothers who had not yet attained the rank of WM and 2 that had competed in 2 categories.

The ritual was excellent by all but a winner had to be chosen by the judges to represent Suffolk District at the Metro regional MAGLA and hopefully are the jurisdictional Ritual excellence competition.

The winners of this years District MAGLA:

W:. Joseph Lombardo – Star of the East Lodge No. 843 in the W:. and above category

Bro. Michael Stegmeier  – Connetquot Lodge No. 838 in the not W:. category

We wish them both best of luck and we know they will represent the District well in the Metro regionals at Grand Lodge.

After the competition all enjoyed a delicious meal arranged by Peconic Lodge no. 349. All seemed to enjoy the day and the festivities after.

Finally a hearty thank you should be extended to the District AGLs:

V:.W:. Bill De Benedetto

V:.W:. Bruce A.T. Siska

V:.W:. Gill Kruse

They worked long and hard on assuring all gained in Masonic knowledge and enjoyed the GL Convention.

Rockin’ Seniors

The Lodge of Antiquity No.11 has been running a fundraiser called “Rockin’ Seniors” for the last 2 years.

They have donated 100 Rocking Chairs to Seniors that needed them.  If you know a Senior who would benefit or would like a rocking chair, contact the GLSO, R:.W:. Robert Licata. His email is



Lots of Changes for 2022…a recap

2021 and 2022 have been very unique years for all and especially Freemasonry. The pandemic had us staying home and trying to organize online video meetings and such just to keep in touch with our brothers. This also gave rise to brainstorming on how we could improve some aspects of the way we do things.

To many Brothers, nothing is more grating a sound to the ears than hearing the phrase “because that is how we always did it”. Now there is always or should always be a consideration for the past. But let’s face it, not everything that worked 20 or more years ago works today.

We often hear that everything moves slowly in Freemasonry. Well, that may be true but the last 2 or so years have seen a paradigm shift in this thinking. Over the last 2 years WMs, District, and GL officers had to “think quickly” and come up with solutions to problems that were neither anticipated nor considered frankly. This led to changes that for the most part were good for the Fraternity or maybe the jury is still out on some.

One change has focused on communications and how lodges, at least in our district, have “solved” or at least attempted to solve. How to keep all who wish “in the loop” when it comes to events and what other lodges are doing. Although it may seem that each lodge is an island unto itself, we cannot allow this to happen. Working in isolated silos works against all our interests. What works for a lodge to help them with members, finances, etc. should not be kept secret and should be shared.

The LIPMA (Long Island Past Masters Assoc.) has been attempting to help facilitate that sharing and collaboration we should be seeing. One way they are doing that is to try and have a consolidated outlet of news and information to distribute to all members of the Suffolk District or others. Some have embraced this and others have not yet. Having a consolidated events calendar is the first focus.

A one-stop-shop for all events happening at Lodges and concordant bodies in and around the Suffolk District. This includes obtaining tickets to paid events and fundraisers. Instead of waiting for tickets to be mailed to a member or lodge, they can go and pick them up anytime they like, 24/7/365. LIPMA even went the extra mile on this to assure that those that post events/fundraisers get their funds from the event quickly and electronically. Several have already taken advantage of this system and are either in progress or soon will be. You can check out events and purchase tickets anytime anywhere by going here and finding the upcoming events you would like to attend -> Suffolk District Events

Another change you may notice is communication on the District BAND. Brothers are signing on and sharing experiences and what’s happening at their lodges, requesting assistance, or just joshing with Brother online. The monthly newsletter is also back and hopefully, many brothers are receiving it and have a look at the goings-on around the District and the jurisdiction and beyond. The Grand Lodge of New York is also collaborating with to bring excellent education to anyone who desires it. If you are not getting the District News Letter, you can sign up for that on or go here -> Craftsmen Online – Suffolk Masonic District ( and look for the blue mailbox with the S&Q and type in your email address.

It only took 22 years but it seems to me that Freemasonry is finally taking bold steps into the 21st century.

So here is the recap:

  • The for the Suffolk Masonic District is new and improved.
  • Online ticket sales have taken off and received well by most. (don’t forget to purchase your tickets for the upcoming District Dinner at Polish Hall).
  • every day new members join the District Band. The BAND is for members only and updates the events calendar daily. Feel free to add your Lodge events to the Suffolk District BAND so they can be published on the District Website.
  • Post articles of interest on the BAND and they may make it onto the website. Be sure and give credit for yourself and any contributors including photo credits.
  • The site is encrypted and secured, so feel comfortable with using it.

All of these solutions are for the brothers of the district and set up for your use. We are hoping for others to wade in and also think outside the square so to speak and find solutions that work and share these with your brothers. Everybody has ideas and we must seek that noble contention, or emulation, of who can best work and best agree.

A united front on getting information out to the District is critical. Too many times I have heard that “I didn’t hear about this” phrase. In this day in age there is no reason for that. Any member can post to the BAND and add to the calendar. Yes it’s moderated so we must remember our obligations when posting but there is no reason why brothers should be lacking information. I mean come on; we hold in our hands the aggregate sum of all human knowledge on a daily basis. if you didn’t hear about an event then chances are you didn’t want to hear about it.

If you would like more information about some of the changes or to recommend some, please get in touch. Leave a comment below reach out on BAND or send me and email,


Riverhead 3rd Degree

Riverhead Lodge No. 495, held the 3rd degree for 4 Fellowcrafts being raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason. The degree started at 12 noon-ish and went through the day until just before 3 PM and all parts of the degree were done well and hopefully well understood by the new Master Masons.

Congratulations to Bro. Edgar Alverez, Bro. Sebastian Alverez, Bro. Ezra Fife and Bro. John Umina.

After the degree dinner was served and all enjoyed the meal, especially the sausage and peppers made by our one and only Bro. Dominick.

The Silent Summons

V:.W:. Brother Bruce Siska posted this on BAND and I always like this portrayal or story. I thought it should see a wider audience. So here it is, thank you V:W:. Siska for posting.

A member of a certain Lodge, who previously attended meetings regularly, stopped going. After a few months, the Worshipful Master decided to visit him. It was a chilly evening, and the Worshipful Master found his brother at home alone, sitting before a blazing fire.
Guessing the reason for the Worshipful Master’s visit, the brother welcomed him, led him to a comfortable chair near the fireplace, and waited. The Worshipful Master made himself comfortable but said nothing.

In the grave silence, he contemplated the dance of the flames around the burning logs. After several minutes, the Worshipful Master took the fire tongs, carefully picked up a brightly burning ember, and placed it to one side of the hearth, all alone. Then he sat back in his chair, still silent.

His host watched all of this in quiet contemplation. As the one, lone ember’s flame flickered and diminished, there was a momentary glow, and its fire was no more. Soon, it was cold and dead.

Not a word had been spoken since the initial greeting. The Worshipful Master glanced at his watch and chose this time to leave. He slowly stood up, picked up the cold, dead ember, and placed it back in the middle of the fire. Immediately, it began to glow once more, with all the light and warmth of the burning coals around it.

As the Worshipful Master reached the door to leave, his host said, with a tear running down his cheek, “Thank you so much for your fiery summons, my brother. I’ll be back in our Lodge next meeting.”

— Author Unknown


WB George Washington visits Smithtown Lodge No. 1127

The 18th C. came alive last night at Smithtown Lodge when an unexpected guest arrived.

None other than Bro. George Washington (W:. Bill Mountzouros)! He, with the able assistance of Bro. Gary Gudzik, DSA, entertained and ENLIGHTENED the Brethren.

The topic was Civility and proper comportment, in the very words of Bro. George (see slide-in photo).

Sad Tidings – V:.W:. Boysie Singh laid down the Working Tools of Life


It is with a heavy heart that I relay the news that V:.W:. Boysie Singh, Past Master of Potunk Lodge No. 1071, laid down the working tools of life and has passed upward to that house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.

May the GAOTU hold him in his hands. The Secretary will send out arrangements when they are available.

Please keep his wife Terry and their three daughters in your thoughts and prayers.

Demand for Events has taken off!

As the days get longer and brighter, the demand for live events is building. New data reveals that consumers are buying tickets at a rate we haven’t seen since before the pandemic. The proof is in the numbers.

Since the start of 2022:

✔Tickets sales for entertainment events are up 176% in NYC and 127% in LA

✔Ticket sales for food and drink events are up 158% in NYC and 141% in LA

✔Ticket sales for concerts are up 100% in NYC and Boston

✔Ticket sales for health and wellness events are up 179% in Houston

The above is just a snapshot that reflects national trends.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to kick off and explore that new event idea, now is the time to act on the attendee demand that’s sweeping the nation. Whether you are holing a small dinner or a full-fledged party or musical event, now is the time!

If you are the member of your Lodge, or in the district, that is responsible for creating and running events there are a few things to remember:

  • Plan your event far enough in the future that you can assure you will have a good pool of potential attendees and not run events on the same day at the same time as your neighbor Lodges. This takes communication with the Masters & Wardens of the Lodges in the area (District).
  • Once you have a plan and are set, begin promoting your event at least 2 or 3 months ahead of time.
  • Selling tickets is a Lodge decision on how much and how many to expect to get the planned budget right. We have found that if tickets are to be sold and pre-paid ahead of the event, when the event nears it’s a cinch to adjust the budget accordingly to for the number of attendees. As opposed to just pay at the door. We all know RSVP is a four-letter word to Masons.
  • Promote your event as widely as possible and keep up with it, send reminders and updates periodically.

The Suffolk Masonic District and the LIPMA have teamed up to bring Hiram’s Tickets to all the Lodges and appendant bodies in the area. You can sell tickets to your Lodge or appendant body event right from the website event pages. There is a cost as the system is a professionally coded and implemented software suite. The cost is minimal, just $1.00 per ticket sold.  So, what do you get for your $1.00/ticket price?

  • No messing with online merchant accounts, LIPMA will process all PayPal, Venmo, Credit/Debit Cards for you. The Credit Debit fee is passed onto the buyer, so the Lodge or organization does not absorb that fee.
  • Automatic payouts the day of the event to a personal or business PayPal account (minus the $1.00/ticket LIPMA fee).
  • You have total control of the event from creation to updates. Logon to and click “My Events” on the top menu and add your Lodge or Organization event, dates, times, add images, etc.
  • Add tickets, how much, then they go on sale, when to end the sale.
  • Add a ticket image to make sure the buyer knows which event it’s for.
  • Email promotion to over 500 emails addresses in our DB, growing daily. Includes announcement, ticket promotion, reminders and an after event thank you note.
  • 24/7 access to your attendee list and sales reports
  • Online check-in via the website (attendees report) or via iOS or Android smartphone app (request the phone app code from the admins prior to your event).
  • The attendees list contains a valid guest list for future event promotion.

A representative from LIPMA can come and explain more if requested.

Let’s get those events listed. At the very least you should enter your event on the Suffolk District BAND and this calendar is sync’d with the website calendar so it will be listed tickets or no tickets and there is never a cost to add non-ticketed events. In fact, you can create RSVPs as well and there’s no fee on that either.

If you would like more information, you can check out this post for more detail -> Introducing Suffolk Masonic events tickets powered by LIPMA