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From the Commander of Suffolk Post 23, MWV

It seems that with the COVID situation some basic elements of “what do I need to do for….” scenarios has gotten lost in the shuffle. I have been asked by more then one WBro. what they need to do to request the Suffolk Post 23 to come to a ‘event’, like a DDGM visit and present he colors?

There is a very simple answer to this. ASK.

All a Lodge Secretary or Master need do is make a request. Typically the request should be sent to the Commander (=Master) or the Post Adjutant (=Secretary).

There are several ways to do this. You can go to the Post website -> Post 23 Website or send and email to the Commander or Adjutant. The name and email or phone can be located on the Post website above or look at the DDGM tresleboard with the name and contact info of a lot of Brothers in the Suffolk District, the Suffolk Post 23 Commander would be among these as well.

Finally a phone call or even a text would be acceptable. In years past, and I am traditionalist to some degree, it would only be acceptable to write a letter to the Post Commander. I personally, will accept a letter, and email, a phone call, smoke signals, etc. All I ask is that you request the Post.

In most instances like DDGM visits, the Post schedules to be at all DDGM visits as it’s a courtesy to the DDGM more then the Lodge and we know know how much a WM has to accomplish leading up to an event like this. So rather than add to the burden we will just assume you will make the request. But it is nice to be asked.

Should you need to make such a request, please see my profile in 10 different places, here on, BAND, just to name a few.

P.S. for all veterans who are Master Masons, please check out the website above and consider joining the Post here in Suffolk. Dues are very low and we are one of the most active Posts in the Jurisdiction.

As a plug to recruitment – fill out a petition here – > Join Suffolk Post 23 Click the “Join Now” button!


V:.W:. Bill Arnold


Suffolk Post 23, MWV

The Suffolk District Team 2021-2023

As all things go the last 20 or so months past, times were different. Grand Lodge elections and installations took place this past weekend in Utica, Masonic Care Campus.

The M:.W:. Richard J. Kessler was installed as the Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York and

R:.W:. Steven A. Rubin elected and installed as the Deputy Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York.

First it’s with much appreciation and pride that we say thank you to M:.W:. William Sardone, Past Grand Master of Masons. All other Grand Lodge officers, elected and appointed who stayed at their post through most difficult times.


The Suffolk Masonic District Team for the ensuing 2 years.

R:.W:. Jeffery G. Santorello, District Deputy Grand Master of the Suffolk District, representing the M:.W:. Richard J. Kessler, Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York.


The R:.W:. Robert J. Licata, Grand Sward Bearer, of the State of New York, Grand Lodge Staff officer for the Suffolk Masonic District.

V:.W:. William De Benedetto, Assistant Grand Lecturer, Suffolk Masonic District

V:.W:. Bruce A. T. Siska, Assistant Grand Lecturer, Suffolk Masonic District

V:.W:. Gilbert C. Kruse, Assistant Grand Lecturer, Suffolk Masonic District

The next two years have a very bright outlook indeed. All of the above officers are “worthy and well qualified” and above all have a deep love of the Craft and their Brothers.

Please wish them all the best in their coming endeavors and give them all the support that the Suffolk District always has.

A big thank you to the immediate Past DDGM R:.W:. Kevin G. McCauley

Brothers it’s been an interesting and troubling last 2 years to say the least. Accepting the position of DDGM is no light decision and I am certain that had R:.W:. Kevin McCauley known what was to come during his tenure, he would have still taken the position without hesitation.

As we all know the District and Grand Lodge asked all current Grand Lodge and District Officers to remain at their posts until a Grand Lodge session could be convened safely to allow the election, appointment and investiture of all the officers be completed safely and properly.

All the Officers of the Suffolk Masonic District said yes to stay without any hesitation. R:.W:. McCauley lead the Suffolk District through unprecedented times, at least in our lifetimes. I am also equally sure he will be both glad and sad when he is finally succeeded by (at the time of this post release) R:.W:. Jeff Santorello, the incoming DDGM for the Suffolk Masonic District.

I would think we as a District owe R:.W:. McCauley a big round of applause and our deepest appreciation for his leadership and perseverance throughout the last 3 years. So please join in sending R:.W:. Kevin McCauley our thanks and appreciation on a job well done and for his fortitude during these times.

We all wish R:.W:. McCauley the best in all future endeavors and in life. Please leave your congrats and well wishes in the comments below.