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Smithtown Lodge EA degree

By: W:. William Mountzouros – Smithtown Lodge 1127

Congratulations to Smithtown lodge’s newest EA!


Riverhead 3rd Degree

Riverhead Lodge No. 495, held the 3rd degree for 4 Fellowcrafts being raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason. The degree started at 12 noon-ish and went through the day until just before 3 PM and all parts of the degree were done well and hopefully well understood by the new Master Masons.

Congratulations to Bro. Edgar Alverez, Bro. Sebastian Alverez, Bro. Ezra Fife and Bro. John Umina.

After the degree dinner was served and all enjoyed the meal, especially the sausage and peppers made by our one and only Bro. Dominick.

Back Home for the Suffolk District Traveling Gavel Nov 2nd 2021

This is better than watching Wimbledon..

At last night’s stated Communication of Riverhead Lodge #645 , where Riverhead, Peconic and Potunk were busy passing 4 EAs to the Fellowcraft degree, brothers from as far as San Antonio, TX and some others more local were in attendance.
The Master of Riverhead Lodge, W:. Terry Maccarrone and all the brothers who participated in the degree did and awesome job.
A hearty congratulations to our newest Fellowcrafts in Riverhead, Peconic and Potunk.




Also in attendance was the freshly minted DDGM, R:.W:. Jeff Santorello and R:.W:. Charles Catapano, past DGM, recognized and given Grand Honors by the Lodge.

Of course most of the Brothers were not only were there to support Riverhead, Peconic and Potunk Lodges with their 2nd degree, but also to try and claim the Suffolk District Traveling Gavel.
As one of the last orders of business, W:. Maccarrone took a head count and although other Lodges came out and gave it a best shot, Potunk Lodge #1071 came out with 7 (8 but one had to leave early) Brothers to claim the #SuffolkDistrictTravelingGavel once again.
For other Lodges the next time the gavel will be up for grabs is Thursday, Nov. 4th 2021 at Potunk Lodge.
Again you can see the stats and location of the Suffolk District Traveling Gavel on the Suffolk District Website –

Travel well my Brothers!