From the West May-June 2018


Remember on Friday the 27th is the district dinner so if you haven’t gotten your tickets by now you’re out of luck and you will have missed a super night; the new Grand Master to be will be there and you will be square.

The Grand Lodge annual meeting is May 7th & 8th. That means that we will have the election of officers on the 15th of May so know it’s your time to stand up and be counted.

If everything goes well and our candidates become proficient, there is a chance that we could have a 2nd on a night not a meeting in June before we go dark.



R:. W:. John Findlay

Sr. Warden

From the South May-June 2018


The Masonic year is coming to a close and we are about to go dark for the summer. We have the Suffolk District dinner this week at Polish Hall and our annual Grand Lodge Communication the 7th & 8th of May.

I would like to thank Brother Dominic Peppaceno and Brother George Staudt for cooking delicious meals for our meetings. The Lodge appreciates you, My Brothers!

Enjoy the summer months with family, friends and loved ones while continuing to search for further light. Always strive to be better than you were the day before! May God bless you, our Fraternity, your family and this great nation!!

Fraternally Yours,

Brother Mike Sokel

Jr. Warden

From the Secretary’s Desk May-June 2018


This Masonic year went by so fast! Thank you to all the Brothers that helped make my job as secretary easy; without your help and guidance it would have felt like a chore!

I hope everyone enjoys their summer, and I hope to see you all at our annual BBQ this July 22nd.

Fraternally Yours,

Peter J. Psyllos


From the Secretary’s Desk March-April 2018


I would like to thank you all for making the dues process un-painful! We are almost through winter and heading towards spring. Hopefully the better weather will bring more Brothers together.

Fraternally yours,

Bro. Peter . Psyllos


From the South February 2018

It was great to see everyone who turned out for our recent Social Night (Jan31st) enjoying the Fraternity and Brotherhood (and food)! I also want to thank those Brothers who pitched-in at the start and

I’m open to creative suggestions, and critiques. What’s even more important to stress is that assistance is always appreciated. I look forward to seeing you in Lodge and as we gather for friendly conversation, at the same time enjoying YOUR company.
Be well, my Brothers.


W:. Gil Kruse, JW

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From the West February 2018

Greeting my Brothers,

I want to remind all the Brothers of the lodge that we still need help on Saturday and Sunday at the Northport VA and the VA nursing home on the Stony Brook campus. You have my number so please give me a call if you want to help! I encourage your input and if you have an idea as to how to bring more Brothers out to the Lodge on meeting nights please, please tell the Master or any of the officers.

Some ideas have been to have more social nights during the month. What are your thoughts ? If you’re
interested in getting into the line, please let us know The Master and the Lodge as a whole need your participation and feedback in this matter to survive. In closing, I want to extend the best all the brethren of Smithtown # 1127 if you have a Masonic birthday this month.

Remember Masonry is a “Way of Life”.


Bro. Stu Smith, SW

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From the East February 2018


Masonry is one of the organizations that have existed for over 300 years. We have been successful because we maintained our culture, values and tradition, and we will progress when we are able to adjust and adapt to the social, cultural and technological developments in our society. We want to deliver a meaningful Masonic education and ethical values to our new Brothers, we want them to have
a satisfying experience in our fraternity. The new Brothers should feel welcome to our lodge that they have a faithful friend and Brother. Communication had been neglected in the past, but soon we will have a functioning website, and be able to update the developments in the lodge’s calendar of activities, e-mail, and Facebook and message center.

We have Brothers who will help do a survey to determine how we can best serve our Brothers and help encourage them to attend the meetings. A survey will be conducted to find out how or why our Brothers are missing at the meeting. It could be health issues, financial problems, job relocation, family
needs, or even some personal disagreement with our Brothers. We should focus to make a petitioner a Mason and friend when he joins. We hope the NorthStar program will retain more brothers, who will be enthusiastic to attend the meetings to see their friends and Brothers at the Lodge.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is a success.” Henry Ford (Zion Lodge no.1).

The post From the East February 2018 first appeared on Smithtownlodge1127.

Message from the East


                I hope this Trestle Board finds you well. Our Masonic year is rapidly coming to a close, and I wanted to take the time to thank each of you for your support and assistance over these past few months.

                Although we have been busy this year, and successful in many of our endeavors, there is still much to do and I hope that we can continue to work together to achieve our many goals in Masonry and for Connetquot. As a Lodge, we have continued our community efforts through increased volunteerism at the Northport VA, ongoing collections of food donations for the Sayville Food Pantry & Holiday Thanksgiving Baskets, as well as providing a temporary meeting space for the displaced Sayville Village Improvement Society. I cannot sufficiently express my pride in – and gratitude toward – those Brothers who have given so much of themselves to make these efforts succeed.


                I would also like to announce that Connetquot Lodge’s 2,000th Stated Communication will occur on March 26th. In recognition of this auspicious event, the Lodge will open early at 7:00 PM to hold its regular business meeting. As soon as regular Lodge business is concluded, the Lodge will be closed for a Special Program and Public Ceremony at 8:00 PM.

                I am even more proud to announce that our very own Past Master, W∴ Jon Agnes, has been acknowledged for his commitment to Connetquot Lodge # 838 by the Grand Lodge of the State of New York with the Dedicated Service Aware (DSA), the highest honor a Lodge may bestow upon a Brother. As part of the evening’s program, W Agnes will be formally presented with this honor. In addition, Mrs. Walter Sutorius, the widow of our Past Master, and W Agnes’ mother-in-law, will be officially presented with W Sutorius’ “55 Year” anniversary pin.

                The evening will also include a Special Program with an interesting accounting of many of the Lodge’s past Brethren and their role in the history of Sayville and the surrounding community. The program will conclude with coffee and cake downstairs. I urge you all to attend this one-time event!!

**Family & Friends Welcome**

Wishing you All a Healthy & Happy New Year!

Cordially & Fraternally,

W Terry Maccarrone

Message from the East


With the Holidays behind us, I am looking forward to the New Year, and appreciating what we have to be thankful for over the past four months. When I began in my new position as Worshipful Master, I had no idea of what to truly expect. With some trepidation, I stood before you and began my journey, but I was elated to see that what I had hoped to only touch on, was met with a very positive surge of support. My one hope was to bring a sense of unity to the Lodge, and with total cooperation from the entire body, I have been pleased to see the brothers come together in so many ways.

We have welcomed new Master Masons into our fold, and are looking forward to a new group beginning their Masonic Apprenticeship. I hope to have their third degree completed before we break for the summer, but time will be tight. However, Connetquot Lodge has always been able to make things happen, and I’m sure that we will rise to the occasion once more.

I was also very happy to see the Lodge filled during the District Deputy’s visit. We had so many visitors from other lodges within the District; many of them Worshipful Masters of who I had the pleasure to attend their installations. On that note, I would like to encourage everyone to visit other lodges within the District, or even to other Districts. Every lodge enjoys having other Lodge members attend their meetings, and by showing our support for them, it fosters brotherly love, friendship, and perpetuates Masonic understanding and unity.

Our Fellowship Club had elections recently and I congratulate the new officers. Bro∴ John Donato has taken over as President, with Bro∴ Alex Winters as Vice President. The new Secretary is Bro∴ Avi Dicken, and the Treasury is still in the very capable hands of Bro∴ Paul Rosskamp. Bro∴ Terry Maccarrone has been very instrumental in getting new activities started, and with meetings only once a month, the membership has had more time to just enjoy hanging out, and having a good time.

So as we move forward, I want to say that with your support, and encouragement, I will continue to move our lodge in a positive direction. I would ask each of you to reach out to a Brother you may know who has not been at Lodge recently and try to help rekindle the flame within him.

I have seen us take the tiller of our ship and turn it to the wind, allowing us to take a heading towards a bright future. While there may be some rough seas ahead, I know that by staying our course we will arrive at the port of success.

May the blessings of Heaven be with us all.

Attested to, R∴W∴ Richard L. Frenz – Secretary
Fraternally, W∴ Raymond Kopeck – Master

Raymond Kopec – 2017